The Villa was built on a hunting lodge that goes back to the XVIII Century. The rest of the farmstead, with its warehouses, granary, and cellar was built in the beginning of the XIX Century.

From 1966 Fattoria Forano has been owned by the Lucangeli family. The winery and the production of wine has always been the heart of the farm, as it is shown in several old photos and letters.

Beginning in the 90s, Giovanni Battista Lucangeli and his wife and children made the crucial decision to transform our wine production and give new life to our winery by focusing on producing wines for the domestic and international markets.

The vineyards were progressively renewed by planting local vine varieties, with a philosophy fully based on a quality and territoriality approach.

All of our vine varieties, Ribona (formerly known as Greco Maceratese, Montecchiese and/or Maceratino), Trebbiano, Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Lacrima, as well as Vernaccia Nera, demonstrate the strong bond we have with our land.This has always been the signature of our winery.

To date, his son Francesco and daughter Chiara, leads the farmstead. They hold a precious collaboration with enologist Aroldo Bellelli and a team of people that strongly cherish this land, wine, and traditions.