Travel Itinerary

The Fattoria di Forano is located in the heart of the region, from this position it is therefore possible to reach the most varied and interesting destinations, from the points of landscape interest to the cities of art through valleys and hills, from the Adriatic coast to the National Park of Sibillini Mountains.

Convent of Forano

Originally from century XIII is remembered for evidence of the presence of San Francesco date, by tradition, an ancient oak door inserted in the front of the church, and from which the saint made his entrance. In memory of this is engraved on the lintel above: HAEC east illa prisca janua dum hic adfuit S. Franciscus. On the same section of the wall of the old facade parts are preserved fresco of the Annunciation, built in the first half of the fifteenth century.

In the night between 1 and 2 February 1289 the Virgin with the child in her arms, appeared to Brother Conrad of Offida while he was praying in the woods near the monastery, he was also witnessed by Brother Peter Montecchio. After that was built a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels. The Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels the September 8, 1715 lived the coronation ceremony of the sacred image.

Macerata Palazzi e Musei

In the heart of the city there are countless historic buildings which are today the headquarters of the most beautiful museums in the province such as Palazzo Ricci Petrocchini, one of the most important in Macerata is the eighteenth-century Palazzo Buonaccorsi with inside, the large atrium paved in oak wood, the loggia and the decorated halls, the coffered ceilings and the paintings of mythological subjects also house the Carriage Museum in the old cellars. Information

The Sea

The nearest beaches of Porto Recanati and Porto Potenza are two of the 16 blue flags (award of FEE and Legambiente) of the Marche region.

Not so far you can get to Numana and Sirolo visiting the beautiful villages and pebble beaches or move to Portonovo zone, immersed in the Natural Reserve of Monte Conero.

Fortresses and Castles

There are many fortresses and castles in the province of Macerata, narrating the history of our country. One of the Castello Pallotta all that from the hill, overlooking Caldarola creating an evocative overview of taste fabulous.  Not least the Rancia’s Castle, the Rocca di Varano and Lanciano Castle and the Rocca d’Ajello.

Loreto and Recanati village

In a magical land, bordered by the Adriatic Sea in the east and from the Sibillini mountains to the west, there are Loreto and Recanati. These two medieval towns, with noble palaces, narrow streets, ancient churches are a place of culture and spirituality. Recanati, to discover the art, the nature of inspiration and the poetry of Giacomo Leopardi, in Loreto, the Sanctuary of the Most Blessed House, immersing himself along the traces of the sacred in search of their spiritual dimension.


Pitino, with its church and its tower, dating back to 600 BC one of the most important places of the central Italic, if not the only, then federated with Rome. In a dominant position offers an incredibly beautiful landscape.


Abandoned medieval town is a place of incredible charm and history while preserving the location unmistakable aspects of a medieval fortress, while remaining few traces of fortifications, such as walls or towers.

The Villages

Ten are the villages in the province of Macerata recognized by the Touring Club of the most beautiful in Italy: Treia, Cingoli, Visso, San Ginesio, Sarnano, Montecassiano, Montelupone, Montecosaro, Matelica and Esanatoglia. These small characteristic villages still offer the flavors of the past, for those walking the narrow streets, you will be surrounded by the smell of fireplaces, traditional cuisine and the flavors from their architectural charm.

Castreccioni’s lake – Cingoli

Just 30 minutes away from the lake is Castreccioni which is the largest artificial lake in the Marche region, rich in aquatic fauna and migratory birds. The environment is particularly impressive, with the outline of the mountains around the body of water that is reflected in the lake in many colors. The large basin of the lake becomes a destination for sailing boats and pedalos as well as being very attractive for fishing lovers.

Altarpiece Fra Mattia Della Robbia

Dissemination of Della Robbia glazed terracotta in the Marche region started from the third decade of the 16th century. Numerous altarpieces, one of Fra Mattia’s production is the Coronation of Virgin between Saints Rocco, Sebastian, Peter martyr and Antonio abbot, dated back to 1527/1530, located in the collegiate church of S. Maria Assunta in Montecassiano.

Monti Sibillini National Park

The flora and fauna of the Sibillini embody the wild spirit that makes every experience of these mountains unforgettable. The legend tells that in Sibyl’s cave, situated on Monte Sibilla, there lived a “great prophetess who seldom revealed her benevolent secrets”. Necromancers and knights errant came from all over Europe on exhausting journeys in the hope of a few wise words from Sibyl.

Lorenzo Lotto in the Marche

The reports of the Lotto with the Marches were continuous and repeated his painting appears and reappears to mark the evolution of taste and successive moments of his artistic career, so that works Marche taken together allow you to trace the origin, the meaning and the development of his entire artistic career. The tour includes a stop Lotto in the Marche region in seven different locations. The main theme of the works of Lotto serve to go into the large painting that museums and churches Marche are able to offer. Information

Franciscan journey

The first historically attested journey of St. Francis in the Marche region dates back to 1208 and concerns the so-called March of Ancona, it was followed by a number of others, until 1219, reflecting the deep bond between the Saint and our region. The itineraries are organized on a provincial basis and include the stages in the places where, such as the Convent of Forano, according to tradition, went St. Francis of Assisi. Information

Trip to the Frasassi Caves

The Frasassi Caves are a remarkable karst cave system in the municipality of Genga, Italy, in the province of Ancona, Marche. They are among the most famous show caves in Italy.  


The region of the 100 theaters

Le Marche is a region with a high density of historic theaters. Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries almost all municipalities, even the small, already have them. Many of these, about one hundred, have come so far and constitute a precious cultural heritage in the region. Suggestionante still used as scenery for the representation of theatrical past and present.

The Marche Hills

The succession as many waves that run from the mountains to the sea. The spectacular colors created by the alternation of crops that change with the seasons. The lights and shadows of the sunrises and sunsets. The scents of the earth, rainy and harvesting. The hills which they live, are the true stars of our region.

Legumes of Appignano

Legumes of Appignano are the bean Solfi and chickpea Oak, pulses originating in the territory appignanese, recovered, maintained in the purity and grown by local farmers. The chickpea Oak in particular is part of the project of the Marche Region “Group of Biodiversity“, a path to enhance the excellence of the typical products of Marches region.

Fairs and Markets

Discover the countries and the people who inhabit them, the traditions and flavors visiting the city market. An interesting way to learn about the area and its customs.

Outlets Factory Store

Can not be in the Marche and not get carried away by the charm of shopping and discover where great names, famous designer labels and famous brands in the world. We will give you tips on how to optimize your time giving routes and addresses of small shops hidden qualities of the general public.