The Cellar

Wines of particular character are made in The Forano Cellar, thanks to ancient vine growing traditions and to a passionate wine cellar's care, united in the perfect environment with rich soils and careful position of the vines to create wines full of character and to careful cellaring showing the typical characteristics of the terrain. The character of the wines derives from a number of factors.

The location of the lands assigned to vines (20 hectares) chosen as the most appropriate out of the 190 hectares of the whole vineyard, the vine selection, the kind of vine's rearing, manual harvesting and differentiated grape harvesting with a selection of vines aimed for bottling. At the heart of this lies corporate planning directed to the gradual and entire renewal of the vineyards, taking advantage of years of experience and of the acquisition of the most up to date Oenological techniques.

The modernizing of the wine cellar's equipment is one part of the preservation and improvement of a long standing vineyard. The first vintage was in 1997, with the purpose to stop selling loose wine to bottlers and to start a commerce of quality and culture of highly selected bottled wine.

Wine tasting
The Cellar is open everyday from 8:30 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00 (exept from Thursdays and Sundays).

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