Our Wines

The grounds in Forano are a combination of mixed terrain. The vines placed on the hills are bathed in sun and get good exposure from the elements guaranteeing the maintenance of healthy grapes even when the grapes remain on the vine for a greater period of time. The choice of the grape variety goes to autochthonous vines, able to offer great quality and to best express the characteristics of the land. The Maceratino grapes is the prevalent one in the D.O.C Colli Maceratesi Bianco, while Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes are included in the D.O.C Rosso Piceno.

The plant densities are particularly high (80 cms on the rows) creating unprecedented concentration of fruit, which is also evident in the final product. The climate is affected by the Adriatic influence: it's mildly cold during the winter and particularly warm during the summer. The hills are well ventilated thanks to the mitigating effect of the sea that is located 25km away. All these conditions allow us to reach high sugar, phenolic and berry ripening. Apart from the Montepulciano grapes that ripens later. For this reason we make solid grapes pruning in the pre-harvest on Montepulciano vines and these grapes' harvest begins mid October. From the beginning of the process we take a great deal of care of the grapes selected from the vines carrying them in small half filled boxes to avoid the compression of the grapes and laceration of the skins. Due to this care a variety of fragrances are kept without damage and the resultant green tannins in the must.